How long has the South Valley Running Club been around?

The SVRC was founded in 2004.

When are the group runs?

See our Calendar for our group runs.

What is the mission of the South Valley Running Club?

The South Valley Running Club consists of people in the Morgan Hill, Gilroy, and San Martin area of Santa Clara County.  We are a diverse group of men and women dedicated to promoting health and wellness through running.  The South Valley Running Club welcomes runners of every ability, from the fitness runner to the experienced competitor

Are there any social events associated with the club?

Absolutely! Stay connected with us via Facebook, or our online Calendar for updates on Club runs, community events, and socials.

Does the club have real coaches?

Yes, we have several certified running coaches and hold an annual track clinic.

Do I have to be fast?

No. We welcome runners of all speeds. At any given workout, there will be runners of all different paces and distances. On Saturday mornings, there are runners of all distances and abilities at our Club runs.

Is the club only for marathoners?

No!  If  you’re looking to improve your fitness level or have some running company, then you’re in! We welcome runners of all distances, as well as duathletes, triathletes, swimmers, and anyone looking for cross-training.