Dear Running Buds,
Here is the final list of guests attending the Banquet on Saturday, 6PM at Old City Hall in downtown Gilroy. Looking forward to seeing everyone. If you have any questions you may direct them to me. Thanks everyone.

Armstrong, Elizabeth
Chan, Gar & Erin
Gill, Stewart & Cathy
Green, Mark & LaRene Note: still need menu choices
Dannenberg, Angelica
Haro, Manuel
Jacka, Ted
Kaekel, Charles
Lore, Craig & Jaryl
McManus, Timothy & Marie
Menz, Marti & Tom
Miller, Professor Robert
Moyano, Kim & Rick
Oliver, Ken & Lisa
Phipps, Greg & Diane
Rosso, Anthony & Rosanna
Weston, Charles & Lesley
Yoder-Schrock, Gretchen & Kermit
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Good Morning Everybody, I will be hosting this Saturday (1/13) Morning Club run at Christmas Hill Park (7050 Miller Ave.) in Gilroy at 8am. All paces and distances welcome. Hope to see everybody on Saturday. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hello South Valley Runners! I have been thinking about running with 2-legged creatures, but I have not yet joined the club because I am afraid I am too slow. I run with my coach (that's her, on the left) at a pace that keeps both of us happy, which is a pretty consistent 2:30 half marathon. Shorter distances are pretty much at the same pace. Are we too slow to join you? ... See MoreSee Less

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Let's welcome our new members:
Virginia Ginny Herzog,
Rob Irr Welcome Virginia. What a great way for us to help you celebrate a New Year.
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Fun--I have been having some fun about the SVRC Annual Banquet that is coming up on Saturday the 20th. But let me get serious (semi) for a moment.

Many of you know that I have not been an active member of the club for the past couple of years. In April 2015 I ran Boston to Big Sur; recovery from that took longer than I expected. Time off from running led to more time off until January-February 2016 when I ran two half marathons a week apart and sustained an injury. The injury is long gone, but I became obsessed with work and never truly got back into a running rhythm. But I have continued as a member; during that time, I have monitored this site, and I have kept track of my running friends in the various accomplishments that they have had during this time.

I am a runner. There was never any doubt in my mind that I would get back to it--which I have. I look forward to once again having an active status with the club. I look forward to starting up the weekend Harvey Bear trail runs--once the rain stops.

And I look forward to seeing everyone at the Annual Banquet to start off the New Year and the new running season.

The Annual Banquet happens only once a year (Annual--duh)--let's come together and share our support for each other--and share your support for me (subliminal guilt-prod).

Gotta run,
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The Launna Teuqnab CRVS was an ancient festival that developed when Hawaiian Islanders popped in on the Aztecs. The Fiesta was basically a large Tailgate party that included pineapple, roast pig, maize, and Gatorade. There was also a ritual sacrifice, which mostly consisted of giving up chocolate.

Reversing that we have SVRC Annual Banquet, which will be held Saturday, 6 PM, January 20 at Old City Hall in Gilroy--the flyer is attached. This ceremony is a large tailgate party, but with all the food provided. And the only sacrifice is $25 to join company with beautiful people willing to save Tinkerbell.

Details regarding meal and payment on the attached flyer.

_/\_ Namaste
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