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Race DateRace NameDistanceNameNotes
7/18/2016Dionysus Dash5KKathy Gulan
7/23/2016Bad Bass13.1 MilesRichard Flynn
7/23/2016Bad Bass13.1 MilesDewayne Long
7/31/2016San Francisco Marathon26.2 MilesTed Jacka
8/1/2016Hut Run Hut105 miles over six daysJulianne WhitelawRun from Aspen to Vail staying each night at the secluded 10th Mountain Division Hut Association huts, dotted across the Sawatch and Gore Mountain Ranges. Sitting between 9,500-11,000 feet (3,000-3,700 meters) the huts are high and remote.
8/6/2016Salinas Valley Half Marathon13.1 MilesMarti Menz
8/6/2016Summer Breeze13.1 MilesRichard Flynn
8/6/2016Summer Breeze13.1 MilesRahul Maharaj
8/13/2016Bear Creek13.1 MilesRichard Flynntrail race 3088' elevation
8/13/2016Bear Creek5k, 10k, HalfDewayne LongAS Volunteer
8/20/2016Mount Madonna Challenge30KTed Jacka
8/20/2016San Jose Double10K + 5KRichard Flynn
9/4/2016Race to the End of Summer10KManuel Haro
9/11/2016Ironman Santa Cruz 70.3Half IronmanRahul Maharaj
9/11/2016Ironman Santa Cruz 70.3Half IronmanKim Moyano
10/1/2016Rocky Ridge13.1 MilesDewayne Long
10/2/2016San Jose Rock 'n' Roll13.1 MilesStephanie Lynch
10/2/2016San Jose Rock 'n' Roll13.1 MilesManuel Haro
10/2/2016San Jose Rock 'n' Roll13.1 MilesKathy Gulan
10/2/2016San Jose Rock 'n' Roll13.1 MilesDewayne Long
10/2/2016San Jose Rock 'n' Roll13.1 MilesStefan Jang
10/8/2016Yosemite Half Marathon13.1 MilesStephanie Lynch
10/8/2016Yosemite Half Marathon13.1 MilesKathy Gulan
10/9/2016Chicago Marathon26.2 MilesTed Jacka
10/15/2016Tarantula Run13.1 MilesDewayne Long
10/23/2016Morgan Hill13.1 MilesKathy Gulan
11/5/2016Mt. Diablo Trail Adventure13.1 MilesDewayne Long
11/6/2016New York Marathon26.2 MilesStephanie Lynch
11/13/2016Big Sur Half Marathon13.1 MilesManuel Haro
11/13/2016Big Sur Half Marathon13.1 MilesRahul Maharaj
11/13/2016Big Sur Half Marathon13.1 MilesAlejandra Mijares
12/4/2016California International Marathon26.2Ted Jacka
12/4/2016CIM26.2 MilesStephanie Lynch
12/4/2016CIM26.2 MilesKathy Gulan
12/4/2016CIM26.2Ted Jacka
12/10/2016Summit Rock13.1 MilesDewayne Long